Major wholesale lenders have announced a new partnership aimed at closing the huge technology gap between brokers and lenders.

Lending giants – including Caliber Home Loans, Freedom Mortgage, PennyMac, PRMG, Fairway, Stearns Lending, Newfi, Parkside Lending, Home Point Financial and more – will be participating in the new program, called BrokersUnited.

BrokersUnited wants to level the field for mortgage brokers by giving them access to automated customer experience data, compliance management tools, and marketing automation technology through SocialSurvey, an experience management platform.

“Stearns continues to invest in and make an impact on our brokers and wholesale lending through people and technology. SocialSurvey allows us to connect the two through offering feedback to our brokers on their customer experience, as well as publish ratings and reviews which are paramount in the consumer decision-making process,” said Nick Pabarcus, wholesale executive vice president at Stearns Lending.

Brokers who will join the initial program, which will launch in mid-December, will also get free marketing and reputation services along with other perks, according to the release.

“BrokersUnited offers a massive opportunity for broker partners to reach all of their customers in a powerful way,” said Dave Schroeder, executive vice president of wholesale lending at Caliber Home Loans. “The objective of this collaboration is supporting the growth of the broker channel through optimization of customer experience, marketing of their business, and collaborating with lenders to develop solutions from the insights gained.”

BrokersUnited said the second batch of more than 50,000 brokers will launch in the first quarter of 2021.