Mortgage broker John Vincent has moved to close JV Mortgages after 20 years, and has placed his last case with lender The Nottingham.

Vincent has made the decision to be a consultant in the mortgage sector and to spend more time with his family and enjoying his hobbies.

He said: “I have hugely enjoyed working alongside The Nottingham as I believe that they have managed to achieve something rare in that they are a large company that still feels very much like a family.

Nikki Warren-Dean The Nottingham

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“Since placing my first case with The Nottingham in March 2003, working relationships have been so strong that I have gone on to place over 315 cases with them, including commercial lending.

“In 2007 I placed 48 mortgage and remortgage cases with the society, which was almost 40% of my total business that year.

“The Nottingham has always prided itself on great working relationships – including direct access to underwriters – and has always had the products I’ve required for my clients, as well as continuously looking at its fee structure to ensure suitable options for people.

“But most of all it’s the people factor that shines through for me.

“People deal with people and The Nottingham have maintained something that not many lenders have over the years I’ve been in business and that is that they have stayed approachable and kept a listening ear, including chief executive David Marlow who I have met and shared ideas with on a few occasions.

“With mortgages it’s not always black or white.

“I like putting plans and propositions together because ultimately what matters is my clients’ lives and futures.

“The Nottingham have helped a lot of those plans come to fruition.”

Nikki Warren-Dean, head of intermediary sales at The Nottingham, said: “We want to thank John for his valuable contribution to the society over the last 20 years and wish him the best of times spending quality moments with family/friends and enjoying his hobbies.

“Everyone at The Nottingham wishes John all the best.”