British Friendly is reintroducing day one and week one cover for new income protection applications from September 7.

Day one cover will be reintroduced for long-term protect and week one for long-term and short-term income protection alongside its Breathing Space product.

An exclusion will apply to day one and week one policies for any illness or disability caused directly or indirectly by COVID-19. British Friendly has already removed its COVID-19 exclusion for new applications that have chosen a four-week or longer deferred period.

Natalie Summerson, sales and marketing director at British Friendly said: “The reintroduction of day one and week one waiting periods provides more options for individuals with little or no financial provision available to them should the worst happen.

“We are delighted to be able to reintroduce these options as we start to build a more inclusive offering at a time when income protection is becoming increasingly relevant and valuable.”

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