Berkeley Alexander has partnered with Auto Legal Protection Services (ALPS).

The purpose of the agreement is to launch a landlord legal expenses and rent guarantee product.

The product has a 12-month policy term, it will pay 100% of rent arrears paid up to possession and it includes a range of benefit levels and indemnity periods, up to a maximum of £2,500 and for up to six-months.

Berkeley Alexander partners with Hanley Economic Building Society

In addition, the offering will cover the policyholder for legal disputes in relation to the tenancy agreement, pursuit of rent arrears and legal defence cover.

It provides mediation and eviction costs up to £25,000.

Mark Hutchings, managing director of Berkeley Alexander, said: “Whilst the impact of the coronavirus on the UK public is obviously devastating, landlords too have suffered financially from rent arrears and quite rightly are unable to evict non-paying tenants during this period.

“However, mediation is still available, and the associated legal costs and rent arrears continue to accrue.

“At the outset of restrictions it was no surprise that many insurers pulled out of landlord legal expenses and rent guarantee products, but I’m delighted that in partnership with ALPS we are able to provide this product for our brokers and advisers, giving them a valuable point of differentiation and providing their landlord clients with surety.”