The Advanced Rent Option (ARO) will now offer its services nationally.

The firm offers landlords a year’s rent up-front, including a premium full management.

Landlords are able to receive their upfront rent at the beginning of a tenancy provided their property is compliant and the tenants pass referencing, or at any time during an existing tenancy, subject to a new one-year agreement.

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Simon Shinerock, founder of ARO, said: “Research from our pilot shows that landlords choose this service for three key reasons – peace of mind, investment and freedom.

“The upfront funds assist them with practical needs, like paying school fees, replacing big ticket items like boilers, or providing an extra lump sum to help expand their property portfolio.

“Alternatively, landlords may want to have the lump sum payment to make a larger luxury and/or discretionary purchase.”

In addition, the service does not affect a landlord’s credit score as it is paid as rent not a loan, according to the ARO.

It added that this is made possible by the ARO’s proprietary Primary Tenancy business model.

ARO offers landlords the option of receiving up to a year’s rent in advance, even where the tenants pay monthly.

Shinerock added: “This project has been two years in the pilot stage and it has proven to bring huge benefits to the lettings market offering peace of mind, flexibility and freedom to landlords, as well as an invaluable marketing and prospecting edge for selected agents.

“ARO is ideal for reliable, professional and go-ahead landlords, who understand its value and how to use it to accelerate their portfolio growth and achieve financial freedom, through property.

“The new service is available to landlords direct from ARO, or from selected agents who have been awarded an ARO license.”