For Simple KYC, a workflow solution software provider in Sydney with a far-flung employee base in four different time zones, meetings can sometimes be hard to manage.

“What I’ll do is instead of arranging a 30-minute call, giving context, explaining things from the start, what I can do is record a five-, 10-minute Bubbles video, giving feedback; walking through different designs on different screens, and then just delivering into their inbox,” said Saad Karim, business analyst at Simple KYC.

“They would go review it, and then when we meet next, we’ll be meeting not from point zero but instead we’ll be meeting where everyone would know what the background is, what we’re talking about.”

As a company with employees in Australia, the Philippines, Spain and New Zealand, the asynchronous workflow has been a godsend, said Karim.

“It’s a challenge that we need to talk to each other on a daily basis. Whether it would be some feedback we have on sales and also around products, asynchronous is something that we have been dealing with through emails and Slack before but now we are saving our time spending on those meetings.”