Air Group, the collective of companies covering a range of retirement and later life services is launching its inaugural ‘Air Care Month’ during September, sponsored by retirement and care specialists, JUST Group.

The ‘Air Care Month’ will focus on providing information and support on long-term care issues; it has been designed to help advisers maximise their involvement in the sector and to help them provide the right solutions to clients.

‘Air Care Month’ will deliver a month of activity including e-mail updates, guides, resources and media uploads to Air Sourcing – – the free, one-stop platform for advisers servicing their clients’ entire later life requirements – for members to download. At the end of the month a special Air Care Newsletter will be available to all members.

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The Right Loan partners with Air Group

Member firms will also be signposted to a range of events and training sessions taking place throughout the month, culminating on 29 September with a webinar and Q&A covering the need for care, solutions available and topics such as vulnerability assessments.

Chaired by Air Group CEO, Stuart Wilson, the webinar will also feature Graham Duffy of JUST Group, Jacqueline Berry and Tony Miles of My Care Consultant, and Tim Farmer, vulnerability expert at TSF Consultants.

Air Group also includes: Air Mortgage Club – the distributor for equity release and later life advisers; Air Later Life Academy – the commercial and training organisation for later life advisers; and Air Rewards – the Group’s reward scheme for awards.

Stuart Wilson, CEO at Air Group, said: “We are very pleased to be able to announce the inaugural ‘Air Care Month’ during September which we hope will guide our member firms through the often difficult and challenging area of delivering care advice via a range of resources and support.

“Care, vulnerability and capacity are subjects we as a sector must get right. Air Group has therefore partnered with some of the industry’s leading specialists in this sector to ensure our members have access to the right specialist knowledge at the right time.

“We are seeing far greater enquiries for care funding options, more focus on consumer outcomes and the vulnerability issues they may face, and by linking our members with the leading exponents in their respective fields, we can help Air Group members support their clients at vitally important stages by reviewing their options and ensuring a robust guidance and advice journey is delivered.”

Graham Duffy, care specialist at JUST Group plc, added: “The specialist area of advice in the long-term care market is more important than ever following the issues of increased vulnerability as a result of COVID-19.

“Being knowledgeable in this area means that you have the potential to help a huge number of people faced with having to fund sizeable care costs, in many instances, a situation that has arisen suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in families dealing with issues on a ‘crisis management’ basis.

“The issue of vulnerability is very much on the radar not only with the FCA, but also with other professions such as the legal profession. It is therefore hugely important that advisers are aware of the options available to them when clients and their families are faced with the need for care.”