Adult care clients & Non-QM: An opportunity to increase applications & funding | Mortgage Professional

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While the number of applications and loans has shrunk over the last 9 months, even in a rising rate environment, adult care home clients can be a great way to increase applications and provide many advantages from a three-C perspective – credit, collateral, and capacity.

Join this free industry session led by Ken Fox, VP, regional sales manager at Acra Lending, as he delves into why Non-QM programs are well-positioned for adult care home clients. Gain top insights on the solutions available, what to keep mindful of throughout the preparation process, and have your questions answered by a leading expert in the Non-QM field.

Watch now for the free session today and gain answers to:

  • What is the #1 reason adult care clients are so attractive?
  • Are adult care homes treated as commercial loans?
  • Is it essential to ask if there are any modifications on the property?


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