Best Gardening Tips for Summer

Many homeowners love the fact that they can have a home garden. If you’re a homeowner with a green thumb or aspire to have one, continue reading. Here are 5 summer gardening tips to help your home garden flourish this season.

1. Make Sure Your Home Garden’s Soil is Evenly Moist

All homeowners know that your home garden needs to be regularly watered. But what you may not realize is the importance of making sure your home garden’s soil is evenly watered. For the best home gardening watering, we recommend you use an irrigation hose for even watering, and that you ensure that 4” of soil are moist.

2. Remember to Mulch

Mulching does more than make your home garden look aesthetically appealing. A proper layer of mulch protects your soil from the sun, and also helps your soil hold in much-needed moisture to nourish your herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

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3. Keep Your Home Garden Free of Weeds

While you likely already spray for weeds, you need to pull up every pesky weed that sprouts in spite of your best efforts to prevent them. This is because weeds steal moisture and nutrients out of your soil that your home garden needs to grow and thrive. Depending on how many weeds your garden sprouts, you should make weeding your garden a weekend or every-other-weekend task.

4. Protect Your Home Garden from Direct Sunlight

Some homeowners don’t realize it, but having direct sunlight on your herb, fruit, and vegetable garden can be dangerous for plant growth. Direct sunlight can also be dangerous for your soil. Instead, you should plan your home garden in an area that is either naturally shaded due to your home’s structure and it’s positioning relative to the rising and setting of the sun, or covered with lightweight and light-colored shade covers.

5. Always Follow Your Local Weather Forecast

We realize that homeowners from all over the country are reading this blog post. That’s why, to best take care of your home garden, you need to stay up-to-date on your local weather forecast so you can prepare for any heat waves or inclement weather that may affect your plants. There are several iOS and Android apps that you can use on your smartphone or other mobile devices to track your local weather and receive alerts about predicted weather events.

Share Your Favorite Home Gardening Tips with Us!

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