360 Dotnet has seen a 113% uplift in activity since March as advisers used the 360 Lifecycle technology to generate business.

The business attributes this rise in part due to the work being done to guide HL Partnership (HLP) advisers on using technology to generate business.

HLP and 360 Dotnet joined forces to give members of the network a better understanding of the potential of 360 Lifecycle in managing their customer data and sales process by using technology to re-engage old clients, keep in touch with existing clients and build relationships with prospects.

Shaun Almond HLP

HLP sees uplift in online factfinds since start of lockdown

HLP’s 600 advisers were reached through a programme of webinars exploring customer relationship management (CRM), sales process and administration techniques.

Before lockdown the training was only offered to new starters, but as the results have been so positive, HLP has rolled it out to all of its network.

Ozgur Unlu, managing director of 360 Dotnet, said: “As we went into lockdown the property market was put on hold and those of us in the mortgage advice sector had to work ten times as hard to keep afloat.

“What HL Partnership did at this time is remarkable. By making full use of the back-office function to re-engage old clients and contact leads, they were able to drive more mortgage business through once the property market opened up again.

“It just goes to show what you can do when you combine really good people with cutting-edge technology.

“So many business owners under-use their technology and miss out on potential new clients.

“If there is one good thing to come from this pandemic, I hope that mortgage advisers will use technology more to help them work smarter and grow their businesses.

“We are here to help the adviser community and can support them with training to help them achieve this.”

Shaun Almond, managing director at HL Partnership, said: “These last few months have been challenging for the mortgage and insurance advice community and we wanted to do all we could to help our partners.

“It was great to be able to work with 360 Dotnet and help advisers to generate business at this time.

“The training was first class and we had excellent feedback from those who attended.

“We will be offering more of this type of training in the future to support our advisers.”