Fluent Protect, launched last year by Fluent Money Group, has provided upwards of £330m of cover since its inception.

Fluent Protect has a proprietary software built by its in-house tech team, led by group chief technology officer Steve Strickland-Wright.

Strickland-Wright’s team is responsible for leading new product development and has built functionality for Fluent Protect to complement back-end technology in other divisions within the group.

Daniel Payne, managing director of Fluent Mortgages and Fluent Protect, said: “Our first year of Fluent Protect has seen us exceed all targets and underlined to us the customer demand for a suite of financial products all in one place, serviced by best-in-class technology alongside highly trained human interaction where required.

“The insurance arm launch is a logical extension of services, providing Fluent Protect with the ability to cross-sell from core products to complete the customer journey.

“We have brought together the value that customers place on human expertise and experience, commitment to a dynamic service ethic, backed by  modern technology to produce a comprehensive package of insurance products and advice.

“We have ambitious growth plans for the next year as we seek to grow our order book to customers looking for our combination of convenience and expertise.

“The ability to interlink with portals from members of the panel of providers offers the agility to have customer policies underwritten and accepted within minutes, giving Fluent Protect a competitive edge within the insurance market and providing customers with a seamless service.”