Average property prices across the UK have risen by 78% (£96,979) since 2000, according to Ocean Finance.

Properties in Manchester have increased by the greatest quantity over the select timeframe, having risen by 143%, equating to a monitory rise from £73,910 to £179,537.

This was followed by Leicester which noted a 132% rise, from £82,118 to £190,440, and Southend-on-Sea which saw a 117% uptick, from £132,239 to £287,173.

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The City of London, the most expensive location to feature in Ocean Finance’s top 10 list, saw an 116% rise in average property prices, resulting in an increase from £364,366 to £786,760.

Looking to property type, terraced housing rose by the largest amount since 2000, up 96%.

Semi-detached housing followed, noting an 84% rise and detached housing saw a 70% increase.

Furthermore, flats and maisonettes recorded a 69% uptick.