Do you face trouble growing plants or grass because of poor soil composition, or any other reason? A hardscape can be an excellent remedy to this problem. Hardscaping in the form of fountains and patios adds texture, functionality, and beauty to every outdoor space. Below are the benefits of hardscaping along with other info.

What is Hardscaping?

When most people consider “landscaping,” they often think about trees, plants, and bushes. However, note that one important aspect of landscaping that usually gets overlooked is hardscaping. In terms of landscape and hardscape, we can define the latter as the use of various hard materials such as stone, rock, concrete, and pavers. Most of these hard materials can bring more value to your landscape design.

Also, keep in mind that you may think that hardscaping refers to big structures, such as fire pits, retaining walls, and patios, etc.–a.k.a. hardscape installation. But though hardscaping certainly does include these things, hardscaping is actually any design element that is not living. So, walkways, benches, and even strategically placed rocks and stones are all considered hardscaping; in fact, these are all great creative hardscapes!

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Hardscaping…

Adds Privacy

A stone wall or fence can make your whole yard a private space. This is how a creative hardscape can offer instant privacy and beauty. Instead of planting trees or large hedges that need frequent maintenance, a wall, fence, gazebo, or rock feature will help your yard feel like a secluded and calm oasis. Also, if you prefer an open flow of the yard into your neighbor’s yard, then you may add a pergola or gazebo to create a private and secluded area.

Increases Property Value

And as one of our favorite benefits of hardscaping, you can also increase the value of your property by filling your backyard with hardscape material. This is because buyers will be attracted to the various enhanced options, particularly when it comes to entertaining friends or guests or just relaxing while enjoying the cool and fresh air.

 By creating a nice and functional outdoor extension to your home, you will not only add more usable square footage but also the opportunity for prospective homebuyers to envision themselves entertaining and relaxing in the space.

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Creates New and Attractive Spaces

You can use hardscaping to build areas for people and guests to gather. Think walkways, patios, and other similar hardscapes that offer relaxing places for groups to eat lunch, meet, and relax. Note that the right installation is safe, welcoming, and integrated into your space properly, and helps increase overall satisfaction for visitors to your property.

Conserves Water

First, hardscaping is great as it replaces vegetation wherever it is implemented. Although you might not notice it, softscaping wastes plenty of water. Consider the gallons of water that you use to help maintain your plants, flowers, and lawn.  

On the other hand, if you have a large area filled with stepping stones, they are all taking up space that would otherwise be filled by plants and grass. You can save a lot of water with a hardscaping feature, such as a patio, for your yard!

Reduces Maintenance

Note that more hardscaping simply means less grass and plants. You don’t have to cut or water stones and concrete, and this means you can spend considerably less time maintaining your landscaping and will get more time to enjoy it.

Once you have the design of your choice with hardscaping, your backyard is set for many years to come.  While you may have to occasionally power wash these features and contact hardscaping companies or services to start, that should be about it!