Saffron for Intermediaries is holding its fourth SFI Live webinar event, offering the chance to speak to their in-house underwriting team manager Iain Rashbrook.

SFI Live will continue to be a regular programme of webinars throughout 2021; offering on-demand videos and will be including podcasts, communications on hot topics of discussion in the industry, education around new and existing products and updating intermediaries with useful information – for them and for their clients.

Tony Hall, (interim head of mortgage sales), Holly Andrews (BDM team leader) from Saffron for Intermediaries, will also be on the panel to discuss underwriter processes at Saffron Building Society and give unprecedented insight into this area of the application process. This will be a live and interactive webinar, with independent host Jay Evans receiving questions from the viewers and putting them to the panel during the broadcast.

Saffron to hold webinar on expat BTL

Hall said: “The SFI live webinar series has been a great success for communicating with brokers and we are looking forward to hosting many more next year. We have surveyed our regular brokers and by listening to this we are really excited to be offering the opportunity to talk to a member of our underwriting team.

“At Saffron for Intermediaries, we are really proud of our underwriting processes; the case-by-case system has allowed real personalisation and we’re looking forward to welcoming any questions on this.”

SFI LIVE will be broadcast online from 11am on Friday 15 January.