Proptech startups QuantmRE and Revive have teamed up to launch Revive Home Equity.

Founded in 2017, QuantmRE is a real estate finance platform that originates and funds Home Equity Agreements. This new financial tool enables qualifying homeowners to get a cash lump sum from their home equity with no monthly payments, no interest, and no added debt.

Instead of charging interest, Revive Home Equity will take a share of the current equity together with a share of the appreciation if the value of the home goes up. The company will also share in the potential downside risk if the home decreases in value.

Revive now offers access to QuantmRE’s Home Equity Agreements through the partnership.

“We are excited to work with the team at QuantmRE and offer their debt-free solutions, enabling homeowners to update and improve their most valuable asset with no loans and no monthly payments,” said Michael Alladawi, co-founder and CEO of Revive.

QuantmRE recently launched an investment campaign on the Republic crowdfunding platform, where investors can purchase a share of QuantmRE with as little as $100.