“Mortgage Coach is passionate about helping build a diverse community of housing finance professionals and helping underserved communities build generational wealth with improved financing outcomes,” said Mortgage Coach president Joe Puthur.

“We are dedicated to equipping mortgage lenders with technology and education to help underserved consumers benefit from homeownership. For example, Total Cost Analysis presentations that instantly model the impact of reducing monthly mortgage payments with Fannie RefiNow or Freddie Refi Possible loans and Mortgage Coach’s Spanish-language borrower education each help NAMMBA’s crucial industry mission succeed.”

NAMMBA founder and CEO Tony Thompson described the two organizations were a good fit for each other. “As a technology platform and a corporate culture, Mortgage Coach is aligned with NAMMBA’s mission of cultivating a more diverse housing finance workforce and strengthening engagement with underserved communities through improved homeownership outcomes,” he said. “I look forward to growing NAMMBA’s impact with the partnership of Mortgage Coach.”

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Last July, NAMMBA worked together with Finastra to create training, education, and career development resources as part of its efforts to support women and minorities in the real estate finance industry.