Mansfield Building Society has opened up its shared ownership mortgage offer to all mortgage intermediaries across England and Wales.

Mansfield’s proposition includes a 2-year fixed rate mortgage available up to 95% loan to share (75% LTV) with no completion fee and a free basic valuation.

Andy Alvarez, head of mortgages sales, said: “Offering a high quality experience for borrowers is really important to us at The Mansfield. We have been active as a shared ownership lender for many years now and have partnered with specialist brokers to ensure that we can provide the service that these borrowers need.

“Whilst we will continue to work in partnership with sector specialists, we also recognise that shared ownership is maturing and we wanted to open up our offer to more brokers.

“We’re confident that we can continue to offer our service to the high standards we expect for all brokers and provide their clients with the freedom and flexibility they need.

“This is the first of many positive changes coming up from The Mansfield Building Society which we look forward to sharing with the industry in the weeks to come.”

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