Legal & General Mortgage Club has launched a number of 2-year fixed rate near prime product exclusives with Atom bank.

The first product is available at up to 60% loan-to-value (LTV) and is priced at a rate of 2.45%. The second option offers up to 65% LTV, with a rate of 2.69%.

Two other options are available, an up to 70% LTV product with a rate of 2.74% and a 75% LTV option at 2.89%. All four products offer £250 cashback.

This set of exclusives also brings free valuations for both purchase and remortgage options, as well as free legals for remortgaging customers.

Danny Belton, head of lender relationships at Legal & General Mortgage Club, said: “The unprecedented economic challenges caused by the global pandemic clearly demonstrate the importance of offering a varied and accommodating range of products for borrowers.

“We are therefore proud to announce these new product exclusives with Atom bank which are tailored to support those with credit impairments, and we look forward to expanding our offering in the coming months.”

Paula Mercer, head of lending at Atom bank, added: “Our near prime mortgages are built for customers with less-than-perfect credit.

“We are delighted to offer Legal & General advisers access to an exclusive range of near prime products, opening up the market to those who may have trouble securing a mortgage from a traditional lender.

“The range allows us to support borrowers who have had previous financial difficulties, such as CCJs, defaults, and missed payments.”