Online portfolio management platform Lendlord has launched a Portfolio Evaluation module, to help landlords make informed decisions around growing their property businesses.

The module helps landlords and property investors to instantly analyse the projected future performance of their existing properties, and of their entire portfolio, for both the short and long-term.

The portfolio evaluation process is based on Lendlord’s Deal Analyser, which generates information to analyse the potential of new property purchases.

aviram shahar lendlord

Lendlord launches mobile app

It provides key metrics including: predicted net cash flow; cash on cash; cap rate; internal rate of return (IRR); and long-term return on investment (ROI).

The module can also evaluate mortgage costs and other financial products based on the landlord’s profile, and it uses postcode information to assess trends in the property area.

Aviram Shahar (pictured), co-founder and CEO at Lendlord, said: “We are very excited to introduce new technology to the Lendlord platform, to help landlords and property investors get the right information to support their next step, based on an enhanced analysis of data and less on intuition.

“At Lendlord, we believe that a thorough analysis of your entire portfolio is important now, more than ever, as risk has been amplified through the impact on the property market of COVID-19.

“We are confident that Lendlord is market-leading in providing sophisticated insights and intelligence, and would encourage landlords to take advantage of the platform to evaluate their existing properties on an ongoing basis”