Endpoint, a subsidiary of First American Financial, has extended its operations in the Arizona market.

The real estate company announced that its digital closing offering, which includes remote online notarization (RON) capabilities, is now available to all metro areas in Arizona, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson. Endpoint partnered with Notarize to expand its RON coverage in Arizona.

“We’re excited to support Endpoint’s fully digital closing platform with our integration,” said Notarize founder and CEO Pat Kinsel. “As Arizona is one of the first regions to pass legislation for RON, we hope it will pave a way for other states to move beyond temporary executive orders, as we are seeing an uptick in transactions on our platforms.”

“We’ve experienced a unique shift in the real estate industry during the past several months with the accelerated adoption of digital technology. It’s been exciting to give our clients an increased level of convenience and the option to close on their home in a fully remote way,” said Endpoint CEO Scott Martino. “We’re thrilled to bring the Endpoint platform to Arizona and offer agents, buyers and sellers a completely digital title and escrow experience during a time of social distancing.”

Through its mobile app and website, Endpoint provides agents and lenders with features like digital earnest money deposits and eSignatures, as well as real-time push, text, and email updates on the progress of their client’s transaction.

Endpoint said it is also working with Knock.com to offer Arizona buyers and sellers a comprehensive digital real estate closing experience.

“We’re finally connecting the full story of a seamless process to sell your home and close on a new one,” said Knock co-founder and CEO Sean Black. “Removing uncertainties with Home Swap, while providing enhanced visibility into transactions with Endpoint, instills the confidence that homeowners might be missing in today’s real estate market.”