Dudley Building Society has revamped its expat range with the launch of a number of new products. 

The range includes a 5-year fixed rate, two discounted rate options for purchase and one for property which can be a holiday let. Also included are two discounted for term further advance products.

The fixed rate mortgage is priced at 3.89% up to 80% loan-to-value (LTV). The 1.10% discounted for term mortgage (residential) is priced at 3.89% up to 75% LTV whilst the 1.60% discounted for term mortgage (BTL) comes in at 3.89% up to 70% LTV.

Expat further advances and retentions on residential (max 75% LTV) and BTL (max 70% LTV) are available as discounted for term mortgages at 3.89%.

Sam Ward, commercial director at the Dudley, said, “From what we are seeing, demand for property from expats is not waning. Dudley believes that expats are worthy of our support and should be equally attractive to brokers.

“At the moment, there are six other building societies that offer residential expat mortgages, but only four offer residential interest only options. Also, whilst there are twelve others that offer expat BTL, just four provide expat holiday let products.

“Our product enhancements will hopefully encourage more advisers to take an interest in what is a really worthwhile market.”