Coventry for Intermediaries has expanded its owner occupied mortgage range with a focus on remortgages, product transfers and further advances.

Highlights include a 1.39% five-year fixed to 31 December 2025 with ERCs until 31 December 2025 at 50% LTV with £999 product fee available for remortgage, product transfer and further advances.

Another highlight is a 1.99% two-year Flexx fixed to 31 December 2022 at 75% LTV with a £499 product fee and no ERCs available for purchase, remortgage, further advance and product transfer.

Coventry for Intermediaries expands owner-occupied mortgage range

Keith Williams, intermediary operations manager at Coventry Building Society, said: “Remortgages and product transfers make up an important part of the market where demand remains healthy.

“By improving our range of products, we’re providing brokers and their clients with greater choice when they’re looking for new deals.

We’ve been expanding our ranges for a few weeks now across both purchase and remortgage markets to provide a similar level of choice to what we were offering before the pandemic.

“While the recent new and improved products have proved to be very popular, we know that our high level of service is also valued by brokers and it remains as strong as ever.”