Brightstar Financial has launched a specialist lending podcast, including insights, trends and debate from the specialist lending market.

The first episode of the podcast is called ‘Broker versus regulator – second charge mortgages’ and featured a discussion about whether the regulator should be doing more to ensure brokers are considering the option of a second charge mortgage for their clients nearly eight years on from the Mortgage Credit Directive.

The Brightstar podcast was hosted by Alex Hammond, director at Square One Media and the episode contained a discussion between Stewart Simpson, second charge mortgage specialist at Brightstar Financial, and Caroline Mirakian, sales director at Optimum Credit.

Stewart Simpson (pictured), second charge mortgage specialist at Brightstar Financial, said: “There are so many reasons why a second charge mortgage could be the right choice for clients who are raising capital, yet we know that the option isn’t discussed by lots of brokers.

“In this podcast we get under the skin as to why second charges are not considered, debating whether a cultural change is needed and the role of the regulator.

“There are also useful tips and examples on when a second charge can prove a useful tool and, with Caroline and I, you can be sure that the chat is lively and entertaining.

“I’d recommend any broker to download the podcast and give it a listen – it could be the most valuable way to spend 20 minutes over this Christmas period.”