Accord Buy To Let is set to reduce the rates across 16 products on 23 April.

The products are available for both house purchase and remortgage clients, across a variety of initial fixed rate terms and (laon-to-values) LTVs.

Notable products include the 80% LTV 2-year fix which is cut from 3.64% to 3.37%, and the 80% LTV 2-year fix from 3.71% to 3.43%.

The former offering is for remortgage clients and comes with a £995 fee, £250 cashback, remortgage legal service and free standard valuation.

The latter is for house purchase clients, which comes with a £995 fee, £500 cashback and free standard valuation.

End dates have also been extended on all products until the end of July.

Simon Garner, product manager of Accord Buy To Let, said: “We’re pleased to offer this new range which offers even better value to landlords.

“We hope that, with a variety of initial fixed terms, LTVs and incentives, this combination of benefits will really appeal to brokers and their clients looking for the best option to suit their individual buy-to-let requirements.”