Nine out of 10 brokers expect interest in green mortgages to grow, according to research from Leeds Building Society.

Four in five advisers said inquiries for green mortgages over the past three months has increased compared with 12 months earlier, with 57% seeing a significant increase.

Almost all (93%) of the brokers surveyed expected demand for green mortgages to increase over the coming months, with half expecting demand to increase significantly.

Of those brokers who took part in the poll, 43% said their clients are more likely to choose a green mortgage over a lower cost standard mortgage.

However, one in six brokers said more needs to be done to increase awareness of green mortgages and energy efficient living.

Matt Bartle, director of products at Leeds Building Society, said: “All the publicity around COP26 clearly has made more consumers think about climate change and what they can do as individuals to reduce their environmental impact.

“Our research with intermediaries supports our view this is an issue the public is engaged with and a market which brokers can expect to continue to grow.

“What we’re starting to see is a groundswell of opinion from more people who are recognising that change needs to happen and seeking products to help them reach their goals.

“Seeking the views of brokers is important to us as a lender because it helps us to respond to the needs of their clients, our borrowers.

“As well as being the right thing to do for the planet, ensuring homes are as energy efficient as possible also means lower bills for owners in the longer term and we’re looking at more ways to share our knowledge and support our members on their way to reducing their environmental impact.”